1. How to Reset Your Password:

Step 1️⃣ : Click on "Sign In" in the top right corner. 

Step 2️⃣: Click on "Forgot Your Password" near the sign-in form. 

Step 3️⃣: Enter the email address associated with your "hlcwholesale.com" account and click "reset my password." 

Step 4️⃣: Check your email inbox, including spam, for an email titled "Reset your HLC Wholesale password" from customer support. 

Step 5️⃣: Click on the black highlighted text that says "Set a New Password" in the email. 

Step 6️⃣: Type your new password and confirm it, then click "Set a New Password." 

Step7️⃣: Fill out your email address and new password, then click "Sign In." 

Step 8️⃣: Congratulations! You have successfully reset your password. 

or Watch reset password tutorial below:

For further assistance, please call us at 212-889-2899. Thank you! 


2. How to Checkout Your Order:

1️⃣ View Cart 

2️⃣ Proceed to Checkout 

3️⃣ Select Shipping Address 

4️⃣ Select Shipping Method 

5️⃣ Select Payment Method 

6️⃣ Select Billing Address 

7️⃣ Enter Credit Card Information or Go to PayPal Login Page 

8️⃣ Apply Discount Code(If applicable) 

9️⃣ Use My Points (If applicable) 
Place Order .

For further assistance, please call us at 212-889-2899. Thank you! 


3. How to track your package:

Log in: Go to the top right corner of our website and log in to your account.
Find My Orders: Once logged in, go to your account dashboard and look for the "My Orders" section.
Open Order: Locate the specific order you want to track and click on it to open the details.
Find Order Shipment: Look for the section labeled "Order Shipment" near your order information.
Click 12-Digit Number: In the "Order Shipment" section, click on the 12-digit number provided.
View Transit Details: After clicking the 12-digit number, you will see all the transit details for your order, including its current status and tracking information.
That's it! By following these steps, you'll be able to easily track your package and stay informed about its delivery progress.

For customized products featuring your logo, we offer Mold and Laser printing customization for select items. Please note that minimum order quantities and special pricing apply, depending on your chosen options. For further inquiries, kindly contact us at 212-889-2899 to confirm.

To download our Credit Card Authorization Form, please click the provided link.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x6V9DwPtZ8XN8aDPM67P2gJqeba1RQoq/view?usp=sharing